New Frontiers in Functional Medicine with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, a renowned functional medicine practitioner and nutrigenomics expert, hosts insightful conversations with leading researchers, clinicians, and innovators in the field of functional medicine. The podcast explores the latest advances in personalized nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and cutting-edge therapeutic approaches to optimize health and prevent chronic disease.

Notable nutrition-related guests and topics include:

  • Dr. Heather Sandison on the role of nutrition and lifestyle interventions in promoting brain health and preventing cognitive decline
  • Dr. Greg Kelly on the use of nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition strategies to optimize gene expression and prevent chronic disease
  • Dr. Barry Sears on the importance of maintaining hormonal balance through targeted nutrition interventions, such as the Zone Diet, for optimal health and performance
  • Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano on the potential of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine approaches to combat age-related chronic diseases and extend healthspan
  • Practical insights on the use of functional medicine assessments, such as nutrient testing, gut microbiome analysis, and genomic profiling, to personalize nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

Dr. Fitzgerald’s deep expertise in functional medicine and passion for advancing the field shine through in each episode, as she engages her guests in thought-provoking discussions and elicits practical, evidence-based insights that healthcare practitioners can immediately apply in their practice.

New Frontiers in Functional Medicine offers a forward-thinking perspective on the role of personalized nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and innovative therapeutic approaches in preventing chronic disease and optimizing health. The podcast is an essential resource for healthcare professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of functional medicine and integrate the latest research and clinical advances into their patient care strategies. Link: https://www.drkarafitzgerald.com/podcast/