The Lab Report Podcast

The Lab Report is a podcast series hosted by the dynamic duo of Michael Chapman, ND, and Patti Devers, DO, along with other experts from Genova Diagnostics, a leading clinical laboratory specializing in advanced functional medicine testing. The podcast aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge laboratory science and clinical practice, providing healthcare practitioners with valuable insights into the latest research, testing methodologies, and clinical applications of functional medicine. Michael and Patti bring a fun and engaging energy to the show, making even the most complex health topics accessible and enjoyable to learn about.

Notable nutrition-related topics and speakers include:

  • Dr. Anna Lembke explains the role of dopamine in our brain’s reward system and discusses addiction in its various forms. She also provides strategies to rewire dopamine pathways.
  • The Benefits of Berberine: Patti and Michael explore the multifaceted world of this alkaloid compound and discuss its wide-ranging effects on gut health, detoxification, skin, lipid and blood glucose control, and cardiovascular health.
  • Dr. Taz Bhatia discusses women’s health, Power Types, and strategies for addressing hormonal imbalance through diet, lifestyle, behavior change, and the art of medicine.
  • Dr. Robert Fredrickson talks about all things magnesium – what it does, why we should care, how much we need, and how to choose among all of the different forms of magnesium supplements.

Throughout the episodes, Michael and Patti keep the conversations lively and entertaining, sharing personal anecdotes and humorous insights that make the learning experience both informative and enjoyable. Their friendly banter and passionate devotion to functional medicine shine through, creating an engaging atmosphere that keeps listeners coming back for more.

The Lab Report offers a unique perspective on the role of advanced functional medicine testing in personalized nutrition and clinical practice. The podcast is an invaluable resource for healthcare practitioners seeking to integrate cutting-edge laboratory science into their approach to patient care and optimize health outcomes through targeted nutrition interventions, all while enjoying the fun and relatable hosts. Link: The Lab Report Podcast