Phenol-Explorer is the first comprehensive database on polyphenol content in foods, featuring over 35,000 content values for 500 different polyphenols across 400 foods. This extensive data collection is based on more than 60,000 original content values from over 1,300 critically evaluated scientific publications.

Phenol-Explorer provides downloadable data on polyphenol composition, metabolism, and the effects of food processing and cooking. It includes pharmacokinetic data on 380 metabolites from 221 intervention studies and retention factors for 155 foods, 139 polyphenols, and 35 processes. The latest release added 1,451 new content values for lignans, making it a rich resource for nutrition research.

A variety of queries on foods, polyphenols, and metabolites can be executed, with options for simple searches or advanced comparisons. The database, developed by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in collaboration with various universities and supported by prominent organizations, is a valuable tool for exploring the world of polyphenols.

However, please note that the site is not secured with HTTPS, which means data transmitted between your browser and the site is not encrypted. While the content is reliable, it’s best to avoid entering any sensitive information.

Cost: Free