Labdoor.com is similar to ConsumerLab.com, Labdoor.com independently tests and reviews various dietary supplements and nutritional products, providing unbiased, science-backed information to consumers. They assess products to verify label claims, identify harmful ingredients, and check for contaminants. The platform provides free reports, grading products based on Label Accuracy, Product Purity, Nutritional Value, Ingredient Safety, and Projected Efficacy.

Labdoor’s funding model involves revenue generated through its website and investments from venture capital firms and startup accelerators. Labdoor emphasizes impartiality by not accepting contributions or donations from manufacturers to influence product rankings. However, users may find drawbacks in the lack of transparency regarding the “Scoring Process” methodology, raising questions about how Labdoor Scores are determined. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Labdoor.com does sell the products they review, potentially influencing perceptions of objectivity. Overall, Labdoor.com offers another perspective and as such could be a useful addition to your toolbox.

Cost: Free