Formerly known as the Natural Medicines Database, NatMedPro is produced by the Therapeutic Research Center—a team of pharmacists specializing in natural and integrative medicine. Their mission is to furnish clinical professionals with reference materials focusing on interactions and efficacy. Rooted in evidence-based practices, NatMedPro offers a comprehensive suite of resources, tools, and educational materials tailored for healthcare professionals and enthusiasts alike. From curated information on supplements, herbal remedies, and essential oils to in-depth training modules and expert insights, NatMedPro empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. 


  • Comprehensive dosage and safety information
  • Expanded set of tools, such as “checkers” for interactions, nutrient depletions, and pregnancy/lactation safety
  • Comparative Effectiveness charts and Advisory Lists

Cost: An annual subscription is available for $182, with no free trial.