Examine.com is a comprehensive and evidence-based resource dedicated to providing unbiased information on supplements and nutrition. The platform serves as a go-to hub for individuals seeking reliable insights into the effectiveness, safety, and scientific background of various dietary supplements. With a commitment to transparency, Examine.com rigorously analyzes available research, presenting data in an accessible format. Users can explore detailed entries on specific supplements, view summary pages for quick overviews, and trust the platform’s commitment to science-backed information for informed decision-making in the realm of health and wellness. Receiving a weekly email with their latest study summaries is a nifty feature.


  • Multidisciplinary staff with expertise in nutrition, exercise, and pathophysiology
  • Author/fact-check/peer-review transparency
  • Broad range of interventional and observational research
  • Reader feedback and the ability to pose questions for response
  • Topic notifications
  • Simple, user-friendly interface

Cost: $19/mo, an annual subscription is available for $180, or Lifetime Access for $799 – has a 7-day free trial.