Consumer Lab

Consumer Lab is a leading independent provider of information on dietary supplements, vitamins, and natural health products. Established in 1999, the platform conducts rigorous testing and analysis to evaluate the quality, purity, and effectiveness of various nutritional supplements. Clinical nutritionists can benefit significantly from ConsumerLab.com as it offers them a reliable source for evidence-based reviews and comparisons of different supplements available in the market. The platform’s comprehensive testing protocols and detailed reports enable nutritionists to make informed decisions when recommending or incorporating supplements into their practice, ensuring the safety and efficacy of the products they recommend to their clients. With a commitment to consumer education and transparency, ConsumerLab.com serves as a valuable tool for clinical nutritionists navigating the complex landscape of dietary supplements to enhance their ability to provide evidence-based and high-quality recommendations.


  • Highest testing standards among third-party certifiers for dietary supplement quality
  • Transparent publication of testing methods and quality criteria/standards
  • Laboratory Test Results availability
  • Where to Buy Products information
  • Natural Products Encyclopedia
  • Recalls & Warnings notifications

Cost: An annual subscription is available for $59.95, with no free trial.