Nutrient-Focused Approach

Nutrivore: The Radical New Science for Getting the Nutrients You Need from the Food You Eat

May 14, 2024 • Simon & Schuster/Simon Element

List Price: $ 30

Target Audience: Practitioners, Clients/Patients

“Nutrivore” by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, presents a nutrient-focused approach to health and wellness, emphasizing personalized food choices based on nutrient density. The book offers an easy-to-follow plan centered on twelve foundational food families, evidence-based nutrition information, and practical tools to create individualized eating plans compatible with various dietary philosophies. “Nutrivore” provides a framework for integrating nutrient-dense, personalized nutrition into practice to support optimal health.


Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, a New York Times bestselling author and PhD in medical biophysics, is releasing a new book titled “Nutrivore: The Radical New Science for Getting the Nutrients You Need from the Food You Eat.” This book introduces a nutrient-focused approach to health and wellness, moving away from restrictive dieting and empowering individuals to make food choices that meet their unique nutritional needs.

Key features of “Nutrivore”:

  1. Nutrient density and personalization: “Nutrivore” emphasizes the importance of choosing foods based on their nutrient content and tailoring dietary choices to individual needs.
  2. Twelve foundational food families: The book provides an easy-to-follow plan focused on food groups that deliver the full spectrum of essential nutrients, simplifying the process of creating well-rounded, nutrient-dense meal plans.
  3. Evidence-based nutrition: Dr. Ballantyne presents scientific evidence identifying foods rich in nutrients known to treat common health concerns, enabling targeted dietary recommendations.
  4. Comprehensive resources: The book includes extensive food lists and practical tools to help create personalized eating plans that address unique pain points and health goals.
  5. Compatibility with various dietary approaches: “Nutrivore” offers a permissive structure that emphasizes nutrient-dense choices compatible with a range of dietary preferences and anti-diet philosophies, promoting a healthy relationship with food.

“Nutrivore” provides a practical, actionable framework that can be integrated into nutrition practices, allowing for the provision of a guilt-free, nourishing approach to achieving health and wellness goals. By focusing on nutrient density and personalization, this book supports efforts to deliver evidence-based, patient-centered care that promotes long-term health and vitality.

As nutrition professionals, “Nutrivore” offers insights and strategies that can be applied to practice and shared with clients and patients. The book aims to enhance understanding of the power of food as medicine and provide tools to guide others toward optimal health.

A Message from

Dr. Ballantyne kindly recorded this message especially for Nutrishifiers. In this video, she discusses the focus and message of her book, key takeaways, and how it applies to clinicians.