Wellness Through Functional Nutrition

Unlock your best self through personalized nutrition

As science reveals more connections between food, lifestyle, and health, proper nutrition can feel overwhelming. That’s why an individualized approach is so important. What works well for one person may not for another. Together, we can translate complex nutrition into into a practical vitality plan that adapts as your needs evolve.

Alexa Smith, MS

I specialize in designing personalized nutrition solutions rooted in science, tailored to suit your unique body. Let’s unlock the transformative power of nutrition to enhance your well-being and ignite a vibrant, vital life.

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Do any of these describe you?

Are you tired of battling your body?
Ever feel like you’re wrestling with unexplained changes?
Do any of these complaints ring true for you?

Food is Medicine

Together, let’s transform your life for a better, healthier you.

Functional, personalized nutrition delves into the root causes through detailed diet history, diet logs, standard lab tests, functional lab tests, and symptom tracking. This process directs rebalancing through strategic dietary choices, empowering you to thrive.

Empowering Vitality


Let go of what’s holding your body back and embrace a plan that fuels it to thrive.
I provide a practical, doable approach to jumpstart your journey towards better health.

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Initial Consult – $125

During this 60-minute session, we explore your health history, concerns, symptoms, diet, and lifestyle. Diving in, we will work to uncover root causes while also discussing your goals and preferences.

Get Started

Plan Presentation – $75

In this 60-minute follow-up, we’ll review your personalized plan and recommendations, including suggestions for diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes. You’ll receive tools and resources to pave your way towards success.

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Ongoing Coaching

Flexible coaching hourly packages are available after your initial visit/follow-up to help you on stay on track and reach your goals.

Clinical Nutritionist

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Whether you want to address digestive problems, metabolic issues, disordered eating, chronic inflammation and pain, or improve overall wellness, functional nutrition can help. My goal is to collaborate with you to not just treat symptoms but to cultivate lifelong health, happiness, and resilience through the healing power of food. Feel free to drop me an email with any questions, or schedule a free 15-minute exploratory call.


  • University of Bridgeport, MS


  • Licensed Nutritionist (LN)
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Answers to Common Questions

Welcome! Whether you were grappling with symptoms, looking for a personalized plan, or striving to optimize your health, I’m ready to assist you. If your questions have not been answered here, please feel free to email me.

Personalized nutrition tailors dietary guidance to an individual’s unique biological makeup, considering factors like genetics, lifestyle, and health goals. It moves beyond generic recommendations, recognizing that one size does not fit all in the realm of health and wellness. It’s a precision-oriented, science-backed approach that empowers individuals to make well-informed choices tailored to their unique needs.

Why choose personalized nutrition? It’s like having a tailor-made plan that considers your unique blend of factors—genetics, lifestyle, environment, and how you feel. It goes beyond avoiding sickness; it’s crafting a roadmap designed just for you. Your biology is one of a kind, and personalized nutrition taps into that for your maximum health potential.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a 1:1 appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance to avoid charges. (A 24-hour notice for free consultations is also appreciated.)

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