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Event Finder

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Event Finder
Our free Event Finder is an optimized platform that cuts through inbox clutter to connect you with timely webinars, courses, and conferences related to nutrition that enrich your practice. We curate relevant professional development opportunities from trusted sources and configure them for easy searchability so you can discover and register for content easily.

Keep your knowledge current – without the hassle of emails and alerts.

Startup Resources

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Event Finder

Embarking on your nutrition practice journey can be daunting. Let us manage the website hassle, so you can focus on what truly counts.

Choose from two options: 

Free Profile Page

Your virtual calling card to share with potential clients. 

Elevate your online presence with NutrishiPage, a one-page website solution crafted for functional nutritionists. Within 24 hours, present your nutrition services seamlessly and enable clients to effortlessly book an exploratory call.

With these two easy and affordable choices, enjoy a smoothly running professional web space as you focus on building relationships, serving clients, and growing your business.

Practitioner Database

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Event Finder
Join us in cultivating a cross-functional community, that includes nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, actually all healthcare practitioners dedicated to utilizing and advancing personalized nutrition therapy.

Create your Profile now to establish the foundation for a robust community. Gain access to a searchable database for future collaboration and referrals within our rapidly expanding network.
Practitioner Profiles

Find your next
learning experience with
our consolidated Event Finder

We search the web for the best conferences, courses, and webinars helpful to providers of functional/personalized nutrition therapy – so you don’t have to.

Better Outcomes for all

We’re all in this together

No matter the label—functional, orthomolecular, or personalized nutrition—or the type of healthcare practitioner, we all share a common approach: Improving health outcomes through
evidence-informed, risk-assessed personalized nutrition therapy.

Let Nutrishify save you time and money on this transformative journey!


Joining is easy and free—simply subscribe by sharing your name and email at the prompt to gain access to the Event Finder. We assure you that we won’t spam or sell your data; it’s a simple step to keep you informed and foil nasty bots.

When creating a Professional Profile or NutrishiPage, we request additional details to customize your page(s), ensuring your data is used internally or for your Page and never for inbox spam. Your privacy is a priority.

Nutrishify’s Event Finder Listing service is tailored for those who have produced outstanding content and are eager to expand their audience and connect with nutrition clinicians – the practitioners who can leverage their insights for a meaningful impact in their daily practice.

For Individuals
Individuals, passionate about sharing their expertise, can take advantage of our free Event Listings. Simply reach out to us, share details about your event, and let us determine if our Event Finder is the right platform for you. We’re committed to providing valuable support to those who contribute significantly to the healthcare landscape.

Companies & Organizations
For companies and organizations seeking a comprehensive solution, Nutrishify offers a cost-effective concierge-level service. Our Monthly Listing Subscription includes unlimited listings produced by the company. With hassle-free, white glove concierge listing creation and maintenance, your events gain maximum visibility. Plus, “Evergreen” listings ensure that your content remains accessible beyond the event date!

Approved Practitioners only. At our core are credentialed nutritionists, doctors, pharmacists, and allied health professionals dedicated to evidence-based nutrition care. We welcome knowledgeable practitioners across disciplines who share our commitment to collaboration and continual learning. If you hold an advanced clinical degree, accreditation, certification, or license and want to advance the field of nutrition, this community is for you. We carefully review all new Profile requests, approving only those from serious practitioners and clinicians who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the field of nutrition. Passionate students on the journey are also encouraged to join us.

Together, our diverse perspectives enrich each member’s practice for better patient outcomes.

At Nutrishify, we believe in the strength of unity among all healthcare professionals. Whether you’re a doctor, nutritionist, dietitian, nurse, or pharmacist, our shared commitment to functional, personalized nutrition therapy unites us in delivering the best care for our patients. We know that collaboration strengthens care and leads to better outcomes for those we serve.

We’re here to support your professional success! Let us know what services, tools, or connections would make your work easier and enhance your skills. Your input helps shapes our future!

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