We are all aware of the shortcomings of our current healthcare system, but a recent article I found nicely lays out why a reevaluation of our healthcare system – and our beliefs around how we interact with that system – is well past due. First and foremost, we need to prioritize our own health and well-being, while looking beyond quick fixes and what is the most financially expedient. 

Discovering that insurance doesn’t cover a particular expense often leads us to pass on it in an effort to save money. Yet, it’s crucial to reassess our approach. Rather than solely fixating on short-term gains, let’s broaden our horizons and embrace a long-term mindset that emphasizes the cultivation of good health – much like we prioritize our retirement savings.

Nathalie Simmons Jorge, CEO & co-founder of Companion Health, a private concierge functional medicine clinic, makes a number of compelling points that validates a shift towards “functional” or “personalized” healthcare. This approach goes beyond symptom management and provides greater opportunities for achieving true health and well-being. But we have to choose to be an active player. We have to care enough to drive the process and own the parts we play. 

We must resist complacency and avoid simply surrendering to the routine of standard healthcare. To optimize our well-being, it is crucial that we cultivate a genuine interest in our health, assume personal responsibility, and make dedicated investments. As practitioners, we can help guide our clients or patients towards solutions that may be incremental and perhaps even a bit pricey in the short term, but that yield huge benefits in the long run.

So, let’s plan not just for a financially comfortable retirement but also for a vibrant, healthy one. It’s high time we invest in our “health wealth” and ensure that we not only live longer but live better – and personalized nutrition is one investment that can pay big dividends.

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