Xist-ing Data: Why Might Autoimmune Diseases Be More Common in Women?

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NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH)

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April 23, 2024


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Dr. Diana R. Dou, Ph.D. ▪︎ Dr. Brendan Antiochos, M.D. ▪︎ Dr. Montserrat Anguera, Ph.D.


The purpose of the OADR-ORWH Science Talks series is to examine the state of the science in specific areas impacting research on autoimmune disease and women’s health. This session of Science Talks is focused on Xist research and will bring together experts in the field to generate discussion and identify opportunities to advance Xist research as it pertains to autoimmune diseases.

Target Audience: This session is designed for a scientific audience with an interest in autoimmune disease research. The event is open to the public, but scientific talks may not be tailored for a general audience.

Agenda includes:

X-Chromosome Inactivation Mechanisms in Immune Cells
Xist Ribonucleoproteins Promote Increased Prevalence for Autoimmunity in Females
Xist lncRNA as a Sex-Specific Reservoir of TLR7 Ligands in Lupus
Panel Question and Answer