Microbiome CE Series

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Standard Process • Northeast College of Health Sciences

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BCNS (CNS): 3 credits
Also AANP, ACBN, Acupuncture Board


Mahmoud Ghannoum, PhD


Course with 3 modules covering the Microbiome

Microbiome Overview
This module focuses on defining the microbiome, identifying the microbes that reside in our body, the association and correlation between the microbiome and digestive and non-digestive conditions and how to rebalance the microbiome to promote health.

Gut Brain Axis and Its Influence on Well Being

This module focuses on how the gut and brain communicate in a two-way system and how that influences and impacts our well-being both positively and negatively.

Microbiome and Inflammation

This module describes the relationship between inflammation and the microbiome, discussing which conditions are affected, the underlying mechanisms, and how to reduce inflammation.

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