Improving Vagus Nervous System Tone Therapeutic Gateway to the Immune-Nervous Supersystem

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Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute (PLMI)


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February 27, 2024

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Dr. Jeffrey Bland PhD, Dr. Navaz Habib, Dr. Peter Staats, MD, MBA, ABIPP, FIPP


This educational program provided by the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute in conjunction with Electrocore is focused on the development of understanding among health care practitioners of the important role that the Vagus nerve function has on health conditions associated with dysfunction in the connections between the immune and autonomic nervous systems. The two-hour virtual educational program will provide insight into the assessment of vagus nerve tone and its clinical manifestations in the management of stress and inflammation related health issues. Key Learning Objectives: Understanding of the role that the Vagus nerve plays in sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system function. Understanding how vagal nerve tone is related to the function of the immune system and chronic inflammatory state characterized by inflammaging. Understanding of the clinical tools available to improve vagus nerve function. Describing the role that electrophysiological intervention has on improving vagus nerve function and its impact on the immune system.