Bring Nutritional Genomics to Your Practice – Speciality Training from The ANA

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The American Nutrition Association

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Earn up to 48 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™
47.8 Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEUs) for Registered Dietitians (RDs) + Registered Dietetic Technicians (DTRs)
48 CE credits for CNSs



Bring Nutritional Genomics to Your Practice – Speciality Training offered by The American Nutrition Association

Unlock Tailored Practitioner Resources Join the exciting era of genomics and personalized nutrition by bringing this cutting-edge specialty to your patients.

48 Hours . 24/ 7 Access . 100% Online
25+ hours of video, 80+ pages of text content, 40+ Clinical Resource Sheets and other practical resources.

A concise, clinically-focused program providing clinicians (nutritionists and other healthcare professionals) with foundational knowledge of the science to add nutritional genomics as a tool for health and wellness.

• Evaluate the clinical utility of genetic variations based on quality of scientific evidence
• Understand the importance of integrating genomic data with other assessment tools to create personalized intervention plans
• Explain the basic types of genetic variants and potential clinical consequences
• Understand basic concepts of genomic science in order to distinguish clinically relevant genetic variations for which sufficient research and assessment tools currently exist from those variations for which it is lacking

The Nutritional Genomics Training Program is $1045. The certification fees to become a Certified Nutritional Genomics Specialist (CNGS) are $250 ($100 application fee and $150