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9 Months Is Not Enough: The Ultimate Pre-pregnancy Checklist to Create a Baby-Ready Body and Build Generational Health

9 Months is Not Enough by by Alexandria DeVito is a book that will appeal to those with an interest in the scientific aspects of fertility as viewed through a functional, nutrition-first lens. With a combination of research-backed information and practical advice, it provides valuable knowledge for individuals and their healthcare providers navigating the complexities of conception.

Nutrition is your first line of defense.
When nutrition alone isn’t cutting it, look at lab work.

Alexandria DeVito

One of the book’s notable strengths is its commitment to scientific rigor. Alexandria DeVito delves into the intricacies of reproductive biology, explaining fertility-related mysteries and shedding light on the wide-ranging factors that can affect conception. The content is well-supported by scientific literature, covering topics such as hormonal imbalances and egg quality with careful attention to detail.

This book takes a comprehensive approach, examining environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors that can impact fertility outcomes, but it goes one step further. It emphasizes the importance of preconception planning, offering a detailed checklist and guidance on relevant lab tests. The author’s focus on biomarkers, metabolic status, hormone levels, and nutrient deficiencies showcases a commitment to precision care and personalized nutrition but also opens up an entirely new approach to conception. By delving into these areas, the book revolutionizes the way we view fertility care and highlights the potential for delivering more tailored and effective interventions far earlier in the process.

The author challenges conventional wisdom surrounding fertility and presents a fresh perspective on achieving optimal reproductive health. This insightful book dispels common misconceptions and offers a comprehensive toolkit for individuals seeking to improve their chances of conception. By placing a strong emphasis on lifestyle factors, the author highlights how choices related to diet, exercise, detoxification, and sleep can significantly impact fertility outcomes—and the sooner, the better.

Be intentional, not obsessive. Be progressing, not perfecting. Do your best.

Alexandria DeVito

Ms. DeVito has a wonderful ability to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and practical application. There is practical guidance on screening, assessments, and working collaboratively with medical professionals to optimize reproductive health. Readers will also gain a deeper understanding of their menstrual cycles (including the signs they provide) and associated symptoms, empowering them to take proactive measures toward overcoming fertility barriers. Each chapter provides actionable steps, making complex concepts accessible. Whether it’s optimizing diet, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, or managing stress, 9 Months is Not Enough equips readers – and their healthcare providers – with the tools to make informed decisions and take control of their fertility journey.

For those seeking evidence-based guidance from a personalized and functional perspective, 9 Months is Not Enough is a really valuable resource. Grounded in science, it offers highly practical and actionable strategies, empowering readers and healthcare providers alike to make informed choices and increase the chances of successful conception.

Good for Practitioners?: Yes

Good for Clients/Patients?: Definitely

Actionable Insights:

  • Start planning early to increase nutrient stores, manage chronic health conditions, and track menstrual cycles.
  • Be aware of the impact of hormonal birth control.
  • Egg quality can be improved as long as menstruation cycles are occurring.
  • Get specific preconception lab tests to inform care and provide benchmarks.
  • Minimize stress and exposure to environmental toxins.
  • Emphasize fertility-friendly nutrition and movement.
  • Work hand in hand with your healthcare professional throughout the fertility journey.

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